In an era of a global market place, shrinking distances and newer paradigms, in depth understanding of policies both domestic and global will be key to creation of successful business enterprises. The SCS Group has developed an in-depth knowledge and understanding of global agribusiness regulatory frameworks and India’s domestic agricultural policies. This knowledge is shared with our clients. The SCS Group works closely with its clients to turn intellect into influence.

THE SCS GROUP consultants are actively involved in the agribusiness panels of leading industry groups and business organizations and have regularly brought out policy position papers. The principals are also on various national and international committees that work towards regulatory reforms in areas such as role of private sector, free enterprise, trade barriers, quality, food safety and competitiveness. The SCS Group manages government and business enterprise relations for our clients.

Leading publications and media channels, that include, among others Wall Street Journal, Asia Fruit, The Economic Times, Star News, BBC, have quoted The SCS Group principals on various agribusiness issues.

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