THE SCS GROUP prides itself in saying, "We do not stop just at research but actually use the results to implement." The SCS Group represents your interest in India and abroad and undertakes activities to ensure liaison with key players in government, industry and media. The SCS Group works with you to establish the necessary forward and backward linkages so that your products reach the desired segment of the population. In rapidly changing present day markets we believe the process of representation works best as your constant presence is a must.

THE SCS GROUP conducts test marketing and soft launches for your product both to the trade and the consumers. In-store promotions, road shows and similar outreach campaigns are undertaken if product acceptability levels are high enough.

Retail and trade support is provided through Point of Sale (POS) materials and merchandising training and support. Informing consumers and trade about your product through public relation campaigns is a very important part of the market outreach efforts that The SCS Group makes on your behalf.

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